Player FAQs:

Q) What is Woody’s Trivia?

Woody’s Trivia is a free-to-play live trivia event. Each show is 20 questions, split into 4 rounds of 5 questions each. After the host asks a question they play a song and teams (or solo players) have until the end of the song to write down their answers and wager their points. The point-wagering adds an additional hint of strategy to the game.

Q) Are there prizes?

Yes! While prizes can vary among venues, most of our shows award $50, $25, and $10 gift cards to the top 3 teams, each good for a return visit to the venue where you won them. Our Hy-Vee prizes may be used at any Hy-Vee.

 Q) Can’t players just look up the answers?

We have a very strict “NO CELL PHONES” policy at our shows, and dock points if we see one. Our hosts are trained to spot a variety of cheating techniques and to deal with them appropriately.

Q) Are notes allowed?

No, teams are not allowed to bring in printed or hand-written notes. This is treated the same as using a cell phone.

Q) Are there size limits on teams?

Nope! Our shows are able to accommodate everyone from solo players to enormous groups. Based on my experience, the ideal team is about 6 players with a diverse set of knowledge. Our shows are usually an even mix of academic subjects and pop culture.

Q) Are the shows family-friendly?

Yes! If our shows had a movie rating, they’d hover around PG.

Q) Can I hire you for a private event?

Absolutely! For a quote, please contact me. We’ve done everything from small gatherings of less than 20 players to enormous corporate events of over 1,000.

Q) Where can I play?

You can find our schedule here.

Q) Can I recommend a venue?

Please do! If you know of a venue that could use our services, please contact me. We also have a referral program; we pay $100 if you’re able to put us in touch with the venue decision-maker and they hire us for at least 4 shows!

Venue FAQs:

Q) How much does it cost to hire you?

Our job is to bring in more money than you’re spending on us, so our shows shouldn’t cost you anything. For a quote of how much we charge, please contact me. We do give every venue 2 free shows and we never lock you into a contract, so it’s risk-free to try us out!

Q) Free shows?

Yes! Every venue receives 2 free shows, no strings attached. It usually takes a few weeks to build up a decent audience, so these help offset your costs while we do that. If you don’t like what you see, you’re under no obligation to keep us.

Q) Who provides the prizes?

The venue is responsible for providing the prizes. Since the prizes are only good for a return visit, they are incredibly effective at building up a loyal weekly following.

 Q) Why should I hire you when I can do this myself?

Writing 20 high-quality trivia questions a week, every week, takes a lot more work than people realize. Add on the fact that we provide a specially-trained host, provide appropriate music, and design our entire show to put butts in your seats, and hopefully you can see the value we offer.

Q) What if we already have electronic trivia?

Electronic trivia is a great addition to any venue, but it just doesn’t compare to the spectacle of a live trivia show, nor does it build up the same kind of loyal weekly following. Many of our venues use both forms of entertainment.

Q) What if we need to cancel a show?

We are always flexible and have no problem working around your schedule. With proper notice we can cancel a show, reschedule it, or even shorten it.

Q) Can you do non-weekly shows?

We can do one-off private events, though those use a different pricing structure. Otherwise, no, we currently only offer shows on a weekly basis (no monthly or bi-weekly). We’ve found that trying to do anything else makes it impossible to build up a stable audience.